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The 2018 Algebraic Geometry program was a big success

From mid-September to the end of November this year, the center held a ten-week long program on Algebraic Geometry --- Program on Moduli spaces and varieties.
The program invited fifteen Research Professors to lecture on the advanced topics in algebraic geometry; the program also supported more than fifty graduate students and postdocs to participate this program. The program organized two workshops, centered on these topics: one is “moduli spaces and related problems”, the other is “birational geometry and related topics”. In total, more than 190 participated these two workshops. 



During the program, junior participants have organized three learning seminars on basic topics in algebraic geometry. Lecturing on these seminars has provided a valuable experience for many young participants during their early research careers.


The program ended with the workshop “connection for young algebraic geometers”. Many young researchers were invited to share their progress with their peers in this program. As one junior participant put it: “I learned a lot from the lectures and conference talks; and benefitted greatly from talking with the various people who visited.” 



To many young participants, this is the period that will benefit their future research careers. To the young organizers, this provides an international platform for them to grow and to mature. For all participants, this program allows them to teach, to learn, to share and to collaborate.


All speakers and participants are very upbeat about their stay: the program was a huge success.



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