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More information on 2020 SCMS Algebraic Geometry Summer School

Important dates

Summer School beginning and ending date: July 20 and July 31, 2020

Application deadline: June 13, 2020; application direction: click here

Location: via zoom, and teaching at SCMS classroom at Fudan Jiangwan campus.

On academic part of the Summer School

The summer school will offer four two-week short courses covering topics in algebraic geometry and related subjects. The courses are designed for senior undergraduates with strong algebra and/or geometry back ground.


The Summer School will offer Problem Sessions and other sessions; will provide opportunities for interaction among instructors, TAs of the courses, and the students in the Summer School. There will be group discussion sessions on problem solving, and session for students to present their solutions.

Exams and certificates

At the end of each week the Summer School will have examinations, on the three course-series students took. Students who demonstrate a decent grasp of the subjects will receive the certification of Summer School issued by the University. The Summer School will give recognition "with distinguished honor" to a selected few outstanding students; those who receive this honor will be invited to pay a short visit SCMS in 20-21 academic year, and eligible to receive top rank fellowship if they choose to enter SCMS-Fudan mathematics graduate program. 

More on two-week courses

Series One: Introduction to Curves and Surfaces

Week 1: Introduction to Algebraic Curves, lecture by Zhi Jiang (SCMS)

Week 2: Introduction to Algebraic Surfaces, lecture by Arnaud Beauville (Nice)


Series Two: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry

Week 1: Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, lecture by Chen Jiang (SCMS) 

Week 2: Syzygies of Algebraic Varieties, lecture by Lawrence Ein (UIC)


Series Three: The Geometric introduction to Algebraic Geometry

Week 1: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry I, lecture by Jun Li (SCMS)

Week 2: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry II, lecture by Zhiyuan Li (SCMS)


Series Four: Algebraic number theory 

Week 1: Representation Theory, lecture by Pramod N. Achar (Louisiana)

Week 2: Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory, lecture by Yifeng Liu (Yale)


Student will choose taking 3 series, complete problems and taking exams.

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