Faculty & Researchers

Kei Yuen Chan (陈佳源)

Research interests:Representation Theory, Algebra, Number Theory
Office address:Room 435
Tel:021-31243928                    Email:kychan@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:http://homepage.fudan.edu.cn/yuanchen/
Teaching url:

Kai Du (杜恺)

Research interests:Control Theory
Office address:Room 423
Tel:021-31243913                    Email:kdu@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:https://sites.google.com/site/kaidumath/
Teaching url:

Qi Ding(丁琪)

Research interests:Differential geometry, Geometric analysis
Office address:Room 305
Tel:021-31243845                    Email:dingqi@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:http://homepage.fudan.edu.cn/qiding/
Teaching url:

Chen Jiang(江辰)

Research interests:Algebraic Geometry
Office address:Room 421
Tel:021-31243921                    Email:chenjiang@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:http://homepage.fudan.edu.cn/chenjiang/
Teaching url:

Zhi Jiang(江智)

Research interests:Algebraic Geometry
Office address:Room 405
Tel:021-31243905                    Email:zhijiang@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:http://homepage.fudan.edu.cn/jiangzhi/en/
Teaching url:

Jun Li (李骏,中心主任)

Research interests:Algebraic Geometry
Office address:Room 413
Tel:021-31243824                    Email:lijun2210@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:
Teaching url:

Chunhe Li(李春贺)

Research interests:Computational System Biology; Biophysics
Office address:Room 351
Tel:021-31243871                    Email:chunheli@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:http://homepage.fudan.edu.cn/chunheli/
Teaching url:

Zhiyuan Li(李志远)

Research interests:Algebraic Geometry
Office address:Room 411
Tel:021-31243911                    Email:zhiyuan_li@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:http://homepage.fudan.edu.cn/zhiyuanli/?winzoom=1
Teaching url:

Ronggang Shi (石荣刚)

Research interests:Homogneous Dynamical, Ergodic Theory, Number Theory
Office address:Room 331
Tel:021-31243861                    Email:ronggang@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:http://homepage.fudan.edu.cn/ronggang/
Teaching url:

Weixiao Shen(沈维孝)

Research interests:Dynamical systems (in particular, real and complex one-dimensional dynamics)
Office address:Room 313
Tel:021-31243878                    Email:wxshen@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:
Teaching url:

Hehui Wu(吴河辉)

Research interests:Graph Theory
Office address:Room 311
Tel:021-31243851                    Email:hhwu@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:
Teaching url:

Guozhen Wang(王国祯)

Research interests:Algebraic topology
Office address:Room 433
Tel:021-31243923                    Email:wangguozhen@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:http://pouiyter.github.io
Teaching url:
Quanshui Wu(吴泉水)(双聘) Professor, Exective Director Room 445 qswu@fudan.edu.cn

Quanshui Wu(吴泉水)(双聘)

Research interests:Algebraic
Office address:Room 445
Tel:021-31243900                    Email:qswu@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:
Teaching url:

Peng Wu(吴鹏)

Research interests:Differential Geometry
Office address:Room 345
Tel:021-31243865                    Email:wupenguin@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:http://homepage.fudan.edu.cn/wupenguin/
Teaching url:

Yuwei Zhao(赵宇微)

Research interests:Extreme value theory, time series
Office address:Room 325
Tel:021-31243855                    Email:yuwei_zhao@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:
Teaching url:

Jialin Zhu(朱家林)

Research interests:Global analysis and geometry on manifolds
Office address:Room 333
Tel:021-31243863                    Email: jialinzhu@fudan.edu.cn
Web url:
Teaching url:

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