The Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences (at Fudan University) is a national mathematical science research institute of China. The Center has multiple postdoctoral research fellowship openings, in all area of theoretical and applied mathematics, including statistics. We invite new or recent Ph.D.’s with outstanding research potential to apply for these openings.

The fellowship positions are for two to four years, with salary RMB 250,000 yuan or above (e.g. the salary of Boxin program is RMB 350,000 yuan). To apply, please include: cover letter, curriculum vitae including a publication list, research statement, and to arrange at least 3 recommendation letters. 

Please login to apply online via "JOBS application system". Applicants must arrange their recommendation letters to be uploaded to the online application system by the letter writers. (We will contact the letter writers how to submit their letters. Recommendation letters forwarded by applicants will not be accepted.) If there is any problem with the online application system, please contact
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