The 2019 Fall Program of Low-Dimensional Dynamics

The 2019 Fall Program of Low-Dimensional Dynamics will be an eight week program, focusing on topological, geometric and measure-theoretical aspects of holomorphic and smooth low-dimensional dynamical systems. The program will bring top experts in the fields and gather young researchers and students, to teach, to learn, to share, and to collaborate.


Scientific Committee:

Aihua Fan (University of Picardie)
Shaobo Gan (Peking University)
Weixiao Shen (Fudan University)
Sebastian van Strien (Imperial College London)
Masato Tsujii (Kyushu University)
Yuefei Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Xiangdong Ye (University of Science and Technology of China)
Jiangong You (Nankai University)


Local Organizer:

Weiyuan Qiu (Fudan)

Weixiao Shen (SCMS & Fudan)

Ronggang Shi (SCMS)

Guohua Zhang (Fudan)

Programmatic Workshops

Sep 23,2019 - Sep 27,2019 Holomorphic dynamics and related fields
Oct 21,2019 - Oct 25,2019 Topological and probabilistic methods in low dimensional dynamics
Sep 2,2019 - Nov 1,2019 Program Lecture Series
Sep 2,2019 - Sep 6,2019 Lecture Series Week 1
Sep 9,2019 - Sep 13,2019 Lecture Series Week 2
Sep 16,2019 - Sep 20,2019 Lecture Series Week 3
Oct 8,2019 - Oct 12,2019 Lecture Series Week 5
Oct 15,2019 - Oct 19,2019 Lecture Series Week 6
Oct 28,2019 - Nov 1,2019 Lecture Series Week 8

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